What are the Benefits of Facial Oil?

Stay hydrated and protected all day long for a youthful feel and look!

Have Lasting Hydration

As someone who has very dry skin facial oils have really helped to lock in that moisture I need all day. I would recommend natural organic oils while other moisturizers that have a lot of chemicals and toxins that not only irritate my sensitive skin. Those products only hydrate the top layer of skin making it necessary for me to reapply through the day.

Because of the oil's deep penetration of the skin it keeps other toxins out while strengthening that natural skin barrier. For those who live in the city facial oils can protect against pollutants and smog.

Have that Youthful Glow

Facial oils that have a Vitamin E base are high in antioxidants and have anti-aging properties to prevent unwanted wrinkles. With the right facial oils you can decrease your natural oil production on the face and shrink and clean out your pores.

Organic rosehip oil is chock full of antioxidant ingredients with a nice light application to lock in that natural moisture for a great makeup primer. Rosehip Oil is full of Vitamin A/ retinol and Vitamin C which increase collagen production for firm brightened renewed skin.

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