With makeup growing as the new obsession has significantly dominated the market with  variety of products, of which face brushes have emerged to be the major highlight. Ideally, facial brush is considered the acme of skincare as it offers deep cleansing & subtle makeup look.

To effectively apply the makeup the basic ingredient is, to have suitable face brushes which adhere to the need of each portion of the face. The growing availability of options has surely led to more dilemmas than ease. Thus, to overcome the confusion here are some highly recommended essential brushes to serve the needs elegantly. 

  • Powder Brush: It is a thick fibred brush with versatile beauty jobs to do. It is the basic face brush which is the must-have element in the makeup arsenal. It is used to dust loose or pressed powders across the face to provide even coverage. It works pro if applied by starting in the middle and moving outwards. They are even best suited for adding blush with the least pigmentation and for providing an appealing dusty rosy cheek. 
  • Stippling Brush:  It is a combination of two distinct lengthens brush with the tightly packed long full-fibre in bulk. They are suitable for layering makeup levels for a flawless and airbrushed look. Additionally, it can seamlessly be used for applying primer, foundation, and blush.  It is recommended to use small bristles first in a downward motion and then to utilize longer bristles in a soft swirl motion gently for the subtle look.   
  • Contour Brush: This brush provides angularly- defined cheekbones with a detailed facial structure. The contour brush shows the best result when used with angled brushes, not flat brushes as this combination allows natural curves to the face. Thus, these give fine precision over each face angle with a highlighter applied with ease too.  
  • Beauty Blender:  This brush is considered the best makeup buddy for fashion bloggers these days. In recent years, it has gained the favorite corner in users’ kit as it can be used as an applicator for wet and dry foundation, blush, highlighter, and concealer seamlessly. Thus, it is all in one blender which stands by the philosophy – effective with efficiency. 
  • Blush Brush:  As the name suggests blush is a bit stubbier as they cover lesser face area. It is always best to start applying this brush with little pressure & testing on the wrist. If no uneasiness persists so it is recommended to use a blush brush to build color for a youthful and fresh appearance. 
  • Eye Shadow Brush:  This is a small and stubby brush for sweeping and shimmering eye shadow across the upper eye area and lid. There are two major eye shadow brushes – angled and crease brush. Angled brush is effective for smudging and contouring eye makeup by adding colors to the corner of the eye whereas crease brush helps to create a deep and dramatic effect to the eyes. It provides a Smokey appearance to the eyes which is the most recent trend. 
  • Brow Brush: The brush is used to apply brow products to give precisely defined ends by taming and styling them. These brushes generally come with two sides- Comb and brush sides to calm and straighten the brow to provide better shape. 
  • Mascara Wand / Spoolie; It is a handy tool that should be an essential part of one’s make-up kit. This helps to define and separate each eyelash. Additionally, an eyelash curler can be used to enhance the dramatic look. 
  • Lip Brush: Such a brush is used to apply lipstick and gloss precisely. Alongside, to give the crystal look lip liner brush is recommended to line the lips and provide a graceful shape to the lips.